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My Literature review is now complete, including an overview of four major factors I believe will heavily influence information seeking behaviors within Second Life:

  • Sociability: SL is social, it’s a virtual world where people love to connect
  • Active learning: experience is how people figure out new things in SL
  • User contributed content: SL residents are the architects of their self-created digital landscape
  • Challenges to authority: In a land where content can be created by everyone, the notion of a single source of authority may not be well received

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Libraries can take a cue from the Library of Congress’ recent decision to showcase many of its photographs on flickr. Virtual worlds afford the same kind of opportunities, as seen in a fascinating view of cartography in Second Life, created by a private map collector. This provides a great model for libraries wanting to showcase unique collections within the realm of virtual worlds.

For photos of David Rumsey’s maps and in-depth coverage, see Bettina Tizzy’s blogging  here.

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Picture of avatar looking at graphic novel shelving and display in Second Life

graphic novel display from cybrary land_001

Originally uploaded by librariandreamer

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Second Life Librarians on Facebook
Library 2.0 FaceBook group
Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education & Museums on FaceBook
Second Life Librarians on Ning
SL Residents on FaceBook

In my spare time (hah!), I’m going to try and become active in at least some of these groups. I hope to use them to market my final presentation as well. Look me up at my FaceBook profile, on LinkedIn, or at my Ning SL Librarians profile.

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According to a FaceBook message sent by the Second Life Librarians Group…

Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education and Museums
Call for Presentations & Papers

Saturday, March 8, 2008 in Second Life

Purpose of the Conference:
To provide a gathering place for librarians, information professionals, educators, museologists, and others to learn about and discuss the educational, informational, and cultural opportunities of virtual worlds.

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I feel famous

Michael Stephens head shotMichael Stephens, Library 2.0 expert and Tame the Web blogger, is my faculty advisor for this project. I’m honored to be working with him and was excited to see he’s blogged about my research project.

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I constructed this research project because I desperately want to know more about people who use virtual worlds. Knowing more about the users can help librarians who are experimenting with how to provide library services and information there.

Virtual worlds present a unique opportunity for librarians to creatively apply the mandate they have to serve user communities. A better understanding of user traits, preferences, needs & behaviors can help design the best services and resources for, and in collaboration with, the denizens of virtual worlds like SL.

I’ve ripped this from my research project proposal put together a couple of months ago. If you’re inclined, you can read the whole thing here. virtual_worlds_proposal.pdf

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